"Technology and research continues to advance at a very fast pace in the medical field.  This current information leads me to believe that positional MRI (Upright) will help the doctors to better diagnose conditions that are unimpressive on static MRI studies.  This tool will allow the Chiropractic and Medical profession to better diagnose the patient’s cases when there is a positional pain component to their presentation.  The comparison views of recumbent to uprights of the spine will open the doors on some of our most difficult cases.  I would expect the same great service to be experienced by the doctor and patient at SF Upright MRI as we received at SF Open MRI."

Dr. Jim Fitzgerald
(605) 665-8073


"EASY! Best thing since sliced bread. Yes, I am claustrophobic and yes, this thing is absolutely unlike any MRI - absolutely the best! I had an MRI years years ago and I had to be pulled out early and I was sent home. Not this - not claustrophobic at all! The facility is clean and beautiful and the staff is more than terrific."

~ Karen R. ~


"I believe most physicians would agree that MRI is the one advancement in medical technology that has had the most dramatic effect on the doctors ability to accurately diagnose and treat a patient's condition.

Traditional non-weight bearing MRI has inherent limitations because the physician can not image a patient in a weight bearing position where the effects of gravity can be taken into clinical consideration. Traditional MRI also will not allow the patient to be imaged in the position that most clearly provokes their symptoms.

The advanced technology provided by the open upright MRI unit at Sioux Falls Open Upright MRI will allow physicians to order MRI weight bearing in the position of provocation. The information gained utilizing the new MRI technology will lead to more accurate diagnosis and enhanced clinical decision making. In turn patients will experience quicker and more complete recoveries." 

The open upright MRI technology is the most exciting advancement in diagnostic imaging I have seen in my career. I anticipate the benefits to both physicians and the patients they care for to be profound. 

Dr. Roger Van Riper 
Diplomat American Chiropractic Rehabilitation Board



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