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Sioux Falls Open Upright MRI, LLC.

Sioux Falls Open Upright MRI

The Sioux Falls Open Upright MRI clinic was designed with the patients needs in the forefront. The moment you walk in, you'll notice the relaxing environment. Outside of the reception lobby, we have kept the whole patient experience in mind. Once the patient has finished filling out their paper work, they will be escorted to a patient room equipped with a love seat, chair and a personal flat screen television to watch while waiting for their exam. The patient is allowed to bring family or friends into the patient room with them if they choose to do so. Here, the patient can change into the exam scrubs for the MRI if needed. While having the MRI, any personal belongings will be kept safe in the changing room.

Reception Area                                                 Patient Room

When it is time for the patient to have their exam, the first thing they'll notice is the completely open air Fonar Upright MRI that will ease any patient of possible claustrophobic type symptoms. During the exam, the patient will be allowed to watch the programming of their choice on our flat screen, exam room television.

           Fonar Upright MRI                                  View from inside the MRI Unit

Beyond the comfort and experience of the exam, the patient and ordering physician can take comfort in knowing the image quality of the FonarTM Upright MRI is high end quality ensuring that the radiologist will have no problems making a professional and accurate diagnosis.

Once the patient has finished their scan, the MRI tech will escort them back to their patient room where they can change and gather their belongings before departing.

Sioux Falls Open Upright MRI, LLC
6001 S. Sharon Ave. Ste. #7 | Phone: 605.275.5743 | Fax: 605.271.2235

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"I believe most physicians would agree that MRI is the one advancement in medical technology that has had the most dramatic effect on the doctors ability to accurately diagnose and treat a patient's condition.

The advanced technology provided by the open upright MRI unit at Sioux Falls Open Upright MRI will allow physicians to order MRI weight bearing in the position of provocation. The information gained utilizing the new MRI technology will lead to more accurate diagnosis and enhanced clinical decision making. In turn patients will experience quicker and more complete recoveries."

~ Dr. Roger Van Riper ~  
Diplomat American Chiropractic Rehabilitation Board